Holiday hairstyles


So it’s that time of year again where everybody is going on holiday, I don’t know about you but my hair is awful in the abroad heat. I can’t wear it down because anything I do my hair just goes flat, I usually just shove it up into a ponytail in the day. In the evening though I want to make it look like I’ve made the effort, so I’ve been playing around with some hairstyles and came up with this perfect hairstyle that suits me. All it is really is basic french braid and a bun, you can easily do this by:


  • By putting it into a half up half down style, tie the top of your up into a clip for now.
  • Starting from either side of your head start to french braid to the other side of your head, then simply finish of tieing the end.
  • Now coming back to your top section, make any type of bun that you like, any bun that suits you.
  • Finish off with pinning the braid around the side of your bun, and pull out any parts you want. An there we have the perfect evening holiday hair!!



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