Simple Hairstyles

So I have a little sister who is only 7 years old, but she has the most beautiful hair, It is natural curly very tight gorgeous curls. I would die for her hair but sad thing is like us all, she hates what she has got and wants what everybody else has. As any little girl they all want to have the same, as the rest of their class mates. Nowadays children go into school with the most amazing hairstyles, and yes it looks amazing if they were flower girl at a wedding  but they are young. They are going to run around at lunch time like looney, an all that hard work would of been for nothing. So for my little sister I like to do something simple, I do a simple french plait and sometimes just to make it more special. I like to add a flower hair band, or some glitter clips anything just to make it look a bit more but I’m not going to spend hour on her hair for her run around and it al come out.



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