Wedding season 

So I am going to a wedding in Septemeber  just as a guest, I have never been to a wedding as a guest before always been a brismade. So finding an outfit, and doing my hair and make-up is all very new to me. I have no idea where to get a outfit from, I don’t want to rock up in the same outfit as somebody else.  I’ve not yet had a play with my make-up for this wedding, but I have played with my hair an this is what I’ve came up with. I may have some flowers or little gems in my hair, I need to know what I’m wearing first.

So how I did this was so simple

  • So section your hair in 4 pieces (2 at back 2 the front.
  • French braid the front two, an tie a band round them.
  • Then normal plait at the back two.
  • Starting with the two piece from the front, pull it back and start doing a ‘S’ shape an pin when ever you like the look of it.
  • Then do the same with the back two, just pin it however you like.

If anybody has any websites that I can find a wedding guest outfit, please help any make-up looks for the wedding too. Thank you


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