Hollister Haul :


So I know we have literally just hit August but all the shops are already putting summer stuff in the sale, and bringing out all the cute winter stuff. I really do like both seasons I don’t really have a favourite + I live in England you can’t really say we ever get a real summer. I love Hollister so much I always have and I think I always will, I never go in and come out with nothing. It might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but personally it is mine. So I have found a Hollister outlet not to far from me it is  really good because things are cheaper.. You have to be carefully though because they sometimes charge the same in the normal shops.  So I have got myself some cute bits, for the winter seasons coming.IMG_2118

So I got this denim skirt I thought it would look really nice with a thin/knitted jumper or patted long severe top, anything really I would probably  tuck it in as I am really short and having baggy clothing does not suit me!! As the months are leading up to winter I would wear it with small ankle boots maybe for while without tights, then I think I would wear some thick black ones with it. This skirt was £25, but I got it for £19 . I’ve really wanted one for a while now, but I wanted dark denim couldn’t find one anywhere till now.


For ages I have been wanting a new flannel shirt so it was great when I spotted two in the sale, they were £30 but had gone down to £16…PERFECT. In the colder months  I find them really comfy, I don’t do them up but I where them normal with black. Black leggings and black top, or black jeans and a top. Then I depending what I am doing for the day I either go with some UGGS, Converses or I wear a chunky heel boot.




If you have got to the end thank you for reading, where is your favourite place to shop?


29 thoughts on “Hollister Haul :”

  1. I love Hollister clothes, even if I don’t like the shop itself haha! I think they’re definitely worth the money because the materials are amazing! They’re so soft and so flattering too! ❤️


    1. I know I love the shop I love everything about it, it can be bit dark an cramped so I see why you wouldn’t. I love all the clothes I think they do amazing sales, but I always feel like they last. I have clothes that I have had for years. Thank you for stopping by 💜

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      1. For sure when ever they say would you like some sprayed in your bag, I always say YES! Because I love getting the clothes out the bag, an they still smell of the shop 💜


  2. I haven’t been in a Hollister store in years! Ours closed down, sadly. I have to agree that the quality of clothing is very nice, I still have jean shorts from so long ago! I can’t believe you got that skirt for 19!! That’s insane, I love it! I’ll have to look online for that now 🙂 I’m also partial to a good flannel shirt, jeans, and boots. Love the green flannel you got!


    1. That’s such a shame, I live about half hour from one so I’m lucky. I do love the clothing, oh I know you can have clothes from so long ago it’s amazing! Yeah I can’t believe it either, I love a flannel with boots just so comfy an casual. Thanks for commenting X


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