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So I love chilling and watching Netflix sometimes I do it too much, so I’ve cut my time down and I only watch one episode or film a night now. Little Fact about me now the reason why I do so much Netflix & chilling at the moment is because I have problems with my hands, I get really bad pains in my hands where I can’t do anything with them. I can’t go on my phone, laptop, read a book, hold anything I just have to sit an rub   them. I have been to the doctors an they told me just to keep taking painkillers. So if anybody has got any ideas how to help, or even what it is I would be so very grateful! Anyway……After going on let’s get to point I really like to see what people are watching on Netflix, and thought I would share with you what I have been watching.  So this what I have been watching, I am open to some new ideas on what to watch.

  • Pretty Little Liars 
  • Prison Break 
  • Peaky Blinders
  • Orphan Black
  • Gossip Girl  

39 thoughts on “Netflix & Chill”

  1. I got really hooked on orange is the new black. I honestly have no idea why! Also I’m in love with “suits” but I’m certain it’s not available on Netflix 😢


    1. I watched the first orange is the new black and couldn’t get into it very much, does it get better as time goes on. Well I saw suit seasons on iTunes and was going to download it, for my 8 hour flight but didn’t know if it was any good? Thank you for the comment.

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      1. No problem. I honestly don’t know why I got so hooked with orange is the new black I really don’t think it is that great just addicting. But for suits I’m in love! It’s witty, funny, badass! I’m really biased but I do love it. I cannot recommend it enough!


  2. I stay watching PLL! Omg and Prison Break is my life! You gotta hurry and finish watching prison break cuz they’re coming out with a new season next year!! I hope your hand gets better . Maybe you could take a look at my blog and I’d be happy to exchange likes on the posts we like and a follow!


  3. I absolutely loveeee pretty little liars it has beeeen my life for so many reasons 😫 I really like watching teen wolf as well which is a good series if you’re into that stuff 🙂


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