4 more days…

So another week has passed I can’t believe it, mind you I can’t believe this year has gone so quick. So I’ve spent the whole morning back and forth to the doctors, so if you read my past post you know I have been having some problems. I finally know now what is wrong, and it is going be great to not be in pain! Anyway in 4 days I am off to America, I can’t wait I’ve spent all day packing and getting ready. I have been so busy the past week, that I forgot I brought a new handbag for the flight. I can’t believe I forgot all about my new handbag, I love it so much so glade I got it.



So I got this bag from River Island beginning of the month, I can’t actually remember how much it was now( about £26)  I think it’s still online though. I was in need for a new handbag for my travelling, so I went on the search for one. This one is perfect because it goes over the shoulder, leaving with me to be able to use both my hands. This is perfect because I don’t know about you, but I love to be able to have both my hands and search around the shops and carry my suitcase. This is such a great bag because I am able to fit everything in it, but also it has small zipped pockets at the front of the bag. This suits me so well because I am able to put my passport, boarding pass and phone in the front. So I can get to the most important things quickly, instead of struggling around to find them So I leave in 4 days if you want to see a what in my travel bag, or what I wear on my flight let me know.


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