Back home

So I’ve just got back from Orlando, that is why I have not posted really anything. I had such an amazing time, but I came back with such a different mind-set. I’ve come back with wanting to change my career, problem is I love where I work and work with really nice people. I really don’t want to upset anybody, but at the same time I really want to move on. I am wanting to move on into childcare, I am not exactly sure what part but I am willing to work towards it. So this has just left me with a amazing holiday, but feeling a bit meh afterwards.

However I did have to treat myself on holiday, its my 21 in a couple of months. I really wanted to get myself something, that I can have forever an remember what I got it for. So I ended up getting a Louis Vuitton Alma BB, and I love it so much !!! 



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