Can’t believe it’s Autumn  

I can’t believe we are in Autumn already, it won’t be long till Christmas soon. I love this time of the year though, the clothes, the colour and the food. I just always find keeping up with excerice hard, it’s always much darker and colder. So if anyone has any motivational tips, or any fitness rountines they do in the winter let me know. I’ve been back a month now from America I can’t believe it, so I thought I’d take this time An post what I got from duty free on my way out there. 

So I brought the Mac cremesheen modesty, I am in love with this. Then I did it I also jumped on the bandwagon, and brought Mac velvet Teddy. I finally did it an I won’t be looking back, I finally ticked it off my list.


15 thoughts on “Can’t believe it’s Autumn  ”

  1. Rather than going to the gym in the cold or jogging, I find myself doing work out DVDs a lot more in the winter because you can do them in the warmth of your home and not have to drag yourself out in the cold ☺


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