Happy New Year

Happy new year to you all! I hope you have had a lovely christmas, and new year.  I haven’t posted in such a long time, and I really don’t have any excuse apart from lack of motivation. So as it is a New Year, I have some New Years resolution. I’m not sure how long I am going to stick to this, but it is worth a go. Whats your new years resolutions ? 

As I am so behind on posting I never did post what I got for Christmas, but I am not going to post a long haul or anything. But I will share my favourite gift of all, was a lovely gift from my brother an sister. Since reading The Girl On The Train It has really inspired me to start reading more. When I was younger I use to read loads, but somewhere along the line I lost interest. Now I have found my interest again back into books, let me know if you have any recommendations.  img_2624


C x 


TRESemmé new shampoo


So I finally decided to give the TRESemmé expert selection a go, to see what everyone was raving about. I wasn’t 100% sold on the idea of using a conditioner first, and then using the shampoo after I couldn’t see how it would work. I really liked the packing of this just because it is so obvious, which one is the conditioner and the shampoo. I really liked the conditioner pump for this, you only need a really small amount of this. I was really shocked how easily it disturbed across my  hair, and I have long hair so I was really shocked. I didn’t think it was an amazing conditioner at the start, but I carried on an used the shampoo. I realised pretty quickly you don’t need a lot of this either, the small amount I used went a long way it didn’t take long to laver up. When I usually shampoo my hair, it always seems to get knotty an matted up. So I was really shocked to find my hair was so soft, and felt so clean. My hair also blow-dried pretty well nice an silky, I always wash my hair in the evening an I never see the 100% result till the next day. When it is all settled from the heat I have used, I will let you know how it gets on between now an the next hair wash. 



Can’t believe it’s Autumn  

I can’t believe we are in Autumn already, it won’t be long till Christmas soon. I love this time of the year though, the clothes, the colour and the food. I just always find keeping up with excerice hard, it’s always much darker and colder. So if anyone has any motivational tips, or any fitness rountines they do in the winter let me know. I’ve been back a month now from America I can’t believe it, so I thought I’d take this time An post what I got from duty free on my way out there. 

So I brought the Mac cremesheen modesty, I am in love with this. Then I did it I also jumped on the bandwagon, and brought Mac velvet Teddy. I finally did it an I won’t be looking back, I finally ticked it off my list.

Back home

So I’ve just got back from Orlando, that is why I have not posted really anything. I had such an amazing time, but I came back with such a different mind-set. I’ve come back with wanting to change my career, problem is I love where I work and work with really nice people. I really don’t want to upset anybody, but at the same time I really want to move on. I am wanting to move on into childcare, I am not exactly sure what part but I am willing to work towards it. So this has just left me with a amazing holiday, but feeling a bit meh afterwards.

However I did have to treat myself on holiday, its my 21 in a couple of months. I really wanted to get myself something, that I can have forever an remember what I got it for. So I ended up getting a Louis Vuitton Alma BB, and I love it so much !!! 


Jet lagged 

Sorry I’ve not been very active, I’m in the states at the moment. An I’ve been so jet lagged the last 4 days, and just been so busy. This is for sure not a holiday! It’s just go go go, but I don’t think I would change it. I am on a family holiday, not a relaxing holiday so I’m not sitting around  by a pool all day. Anyway with the 9 hour flight here, I was able to read almost my whole book! 

So I’ve been reading ‘The girl on the train’ I have seen so much about this book, and so many post about it. I thought I’ve got to give it a go, so it took me a couple of chapters to get into it. I got a bit lost at the start, then it clicked! An I fell in love with the book, and could hardly put it down on the plane. I did though because my eyes started to hurt, I’ve been reading bits on holiday too. ( but like I said its so go go go, I’ve not had a lot of time) I’ve not finished the book yet, but I can’t wait for the ending. I won’t spoil it for you, but if your looking for a new book you’ve got to try this! 

4 more days…

So another week has passed I can’t believe it, mind you I can’t believe this year has gone so quick. So I’ve spent the whole morning back and forth to the doctors, so if you read my past post you know I have been having some problems. I finally know now what is wrong, and it is going be great to not be in pain! Anyway in 4 days I am off to America, I can’t wait I’ve spent all day packing and getting ready. I have been so busy the past week, that I forgot I brought a new handbag for the flight. I can’t believe I forgot all about my new handbag, I love it so much so glade I got it.



So I got this bag from River Island beginning of the month, I can’t actually remember how much it was now( about £26)  I think it’s still online though. I was in need for a new handbag for my travelling, so I went on the search for one. This one is perfect because it goes over the shoulder, leaving with me to be able to use both my hands. This is perfect because I don’t know about you, but I love to be able to have both my hands and search around the shops and carry my suitcase. This is such a great bag because I am able to fit everything in it, but also it has small zipped pockets at the front of the bag. This suits me so well because I am able to put my passport, boarding pass and phone in the front. So I can get to the most important things quickly, instead of struggling around to find them So I leave in 4 days if you want to see a what in my travel bag, or what I wear on my flight let me know.

Little Mac trip

IMG_2179Hi guys….. I  am super close with my mum and I just love hanging out with her, I have two really  young sibling ( 2 & 6 years old) and my dad works away. So it is so hard to spend any actual  time with my mum, but we finally did and went shopping for the day just us. It was so lovely we did a lot of shopping, because we are going on holiday in 2 weeks so needed the last bits. Anyway I was in Spain with my boyfriend 4 weeks ago the weather was amazing it was so nice, but problem is I tanned an now my foundation does not match. So I have spent a lot of time trying to get the right colour, so I decided today is the day I get a new foundation. So I went into Mac and this is what I brought.

So I wanted a foundation that was medium coverage, light weighted, but I also wanted it to last all day. I had the most amazing help from one of the Mac artists, who advice me to go with the Studio Waterweight Foundation. So it is supposed to feel light on the skin and comfortable for an all day effect, I wanted this because in the summer I don’t like to wear a lot of foundation but I do like to hide my slight imperfections. I have not tried this yet but if anybody would like to know, how I get on with it let me know and I will let you know.

IMG_2180I was speaking to the Mac artists who was amazing, and I was telling them that I was gong away. An that I also wanted something to wear on my lips all day but not to bright, and not a lot of maintenance  because again on holiday I don’t like wearing a lot of make-up. So she came back with Tendertalk Lip Balm, so it is supposed to create a personal tint base depending on your body tempter. She said it will keep your lips moisturized with a tinted colour to suit you, this  sounded perfect for what I want it to do. She did try it on me and I did like the colour it went on me, so I thought it will be perfect for while I’m holiday a bit of mascara and bit of this perfect! If anybody would like to know how I get on with this, just ask and I will let you know as I am just starting to use it.


Thank you for reading, I am now looking for a foundation brush so any ideas I will be very grateful?